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WBMME-Leaderboard Updates

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                             Update: In 4 days, Sold 900+ copies, BIG THANKS to all our Awesome JVs!


>>> Speed Contest Winners <<<

1.     First to 50 Prize Winner ($50): Aurelius Tjin
2.     First to 100 sales ($100): No one claimed
3.     First to 200 sales ($200): No one claimed

*****LAST 48 Hrs CONTEST Winners*****               

#1 Minimum 25 FE Sales ($300): No one claimed
#2 Minimum 15 FE Sales ($100): No one claimed     
#3 Aurelius Tjin: (14 sales)
Won $50
#4 Sajan Elanthoor & Justin Opay: (12 sales) Won $30
#5 Ian Del Carmen: (9 sales) Won $10
#6 Henry Gold: (9 sales)
 Won $10                           

  ***** The FINAL… LEADERBOARD *****

#1 Minimum 100 FE Sales ($500): No one claimed

#2 Aurelius Tjin (50 sales) (Won $250)Phenomenal performance! Aurelius, You are The Undisputed King of this launch! Leading the contest from the very first day and throughout the end with killer EPCs and conversions… You won a total of $350 (First to 50 speed sales contest + #2 prize of Main Contest + #3 prize in last 48 hrs contest)…Congratulations!

#3 Sajan Elanthoor & Justin Opay (45 sales) (Won $100)! Outstanding promotion Partners! Great effort from day one. Just missed out top spot on the final day, but your last hrs Push made you won #4 prize of $30 in last 48 hrs Contest… Congrats! 🙂

#4 Ian Del Carmen (33 sales) (Won $50)
Well done Ian! Solid promo with a Good number of sales. I really appreciate your continuous effort and support (won extra $10 in last hrs contest) 🙂

#5 Henry Gold (22 sales) (Won $25)! Awesome Support Henry! Your Performance was Steady and leading throughout the launch! Thank you for promoting! Your Last days push also made you won extra $10 🙂

#6 Bertus Engelbrecht (15 sales) (Won $25)! Bertus, It’s Always a pleasure to have you on my leaderboards. Thanks for the immense support on this one!

#7 Paul Counts (14 sales) (Won $25)! Insane Support Paul! You performed really well. Thanks for your amazing support 🙂

#8 Keith Dougherty (12 sales) (Won $25)!
Keith – Great to see you here! Thank you so much for promoting me. It’s really delightful to have you on my leaderboards & would love to see you here again 🙂

#9 Jeff Wellman (8 sales) (Won $25)! Hey Jeff! Thank you for jumping in! It’s really Nice to have you on my leaderboards 🙂

#10 JayKay Bak (7 sales) (Won $25)Buddy, Thank you for your valuable supportYour performance throughout the launch is deeply admired 🙂

Not in Top 10 but they also Dominates the Market like all Leaders…   
♠ Brett Ingram
♠ John Delavera
♠ Nick Mancuso
♠ Sharon Lai & Jonathan Teng
♠ John Christos
♠ Tiffany Lambert
♠ Charles Terrence harper
♠ Andy Brocklehurst

*****LAST 48 Hrs CONTEST Leaderboard Standings*****

                            Only 17 Hrs left to WIN

#1 Henry Gold: (9 sales) (Could win $300)   
#2 Aurelius Tjin: (5 sales) (Could win $300)   
#3 Keith Dougherty: (4 sales) (Could win $100)    
#4 Sajan Elanthoor & Justin Opay: (4 sales) (Could win $100)     
#5 Ian del Carmen: (3 sales) (Could win $100)     
#6 Drew Laughlin: (3 sales) (Could win $100)


*******Main Leaderboard Standings (Total FE Sales) *******
                               [Contest Ending in 17 Hrs]

#1 Aurelius Tjin with 41 sales: Still standing strong Aurelius! But you need one more Blast to stay on the Top as Duo is all set to hit it again (Just 4 Sales behind) & your final push can also make you win first prize of $300 in the last 48 hrs contest as well as first to 50 speed sales contest 😉

#2 Sajan Elanthoor & Justin Opay with 37 sales: You Rock Partners…Still Converting Great but now Only 17 hrs left to reclaim your leadership & to win extra $300 first prize in Last hrs Contest.

#3 Ian Del Carmen with 27 sales: Still sustaining the same position Ian! But let’s see if you can maintain this spot as Henry is about to knock you off top 3 (5 Sales behind), mail to secure your spot now!

#4 Henry Gold with 22 sales: What a Shot bud- leading the 1st prize of $300 in last 48 hrs contest but your final push can also secure your spot in Top 3 in main contest 😉

#5 Bertus Engelbrecht with 15 sales: Nice Performance Bertus! Keep this Momentum Going 😉 Just one more mail & you will be among Top 3  (Also Keep an eye on Keith, he is neck to neck with you)

#6 Keith Dougherty with 12 sales: Good Going Keith, Sustaining the same position….You’re not too far from Bertus so you can easily catch him up & win last hrs Prizes too 🙂

#7 Paul Counts with 9 sales:
Paul, Your support is deeply admired and I am sure that You have secret plans to Blast again and Surprise all of us with your Last day strategies 🙂

#8 JayKay Bak with 7 sales: Good Move Jaykay (climbed two steps up)! You are definitely flying high on this one & your last hrs efforts can also make you win last hrs prizes….don’t miss it 😉

#9 John Delavera with 6 sales: Slipped to #9!! Jaykay just overtook you by just a single sale! So, with one more round of mailing you can easily reclaim your spot… Go for it!!

#10 Nick Mancuso with 6 sales: Slipped to the last spot on Leaderboard – Your start is much appreciated Nick but you need to boost a little more to sustain in the top 10 club!!

Few Top sellers just outside Top 10: Literally with just 1-5 sales you can break into the leaderboard)

★Brett Ingram
★Sharon Lai & Jonathan Teng
★Tiffany Lambert
★Andy Brocklehurst
★John Christos
★Pallab Ghosal
★Sean Lowery
★Jeff Wellman
★ Drew Laughlin
★ Kenny Chong

Last 48 Hrs Contest

Last 48 Hrs contest has started at 00:00:01 EST (29th February) and will be ending 
 23:59:59 EST (1st March) Here are the Details:Top 6 JVs with Most Sales during Last 48 Hrs will
Get the Total $500 PrizesFirst will get $300 (min 25 FE Sales)
2nd will get $100 (min 15 FE Sales)
3rd: $50,
4th: $30,
5th & 6th: $10There is NO MINIMUM Sales Requirement for 3rd to 6th prizes.
So, somebody will be getting it – Why don’t you?
So, Hurry Up!



#1 Aurelius Tjin: Climbed one step up…Solid promo!! But Let’s see if you can maintain the Spot as Duo is all set to overtake you (just 2 sales behind)  Also first to 50 speed sales is also not too far (just a blast behind).

#2 Sajan Elanthoor & Justin Opay:  Slipped 1 position down. But you still have Solid EPCs! Only One Strong mail again to reclaim your spot 🙂

#3 Ian Del Carmen:  Good push till now Buddy!!  But a little more & you will be on the top 🙂

#4 Henry Gold:
Keep this Momentum High Henry. Go for 1 more Round of Mailing as with just few More Sales you’ll be in Top 3 as well as win last hours Prizes….Don’t let this Go, Mail Again!

#5 Bertus Engelbrecht: Sustaining the same position Bertus. You can make a serious move, Go for it!  It’s a Tie between you & Henry- You can easily overtake him!

#6 Keith Dougherty: Good work, Nice Start Keith…! (It was just a small mail that did this. Bring out your weapons)

#7 Paul Counts:
Your start is much appreciated Paul, but you need to boost a little more to win the race!! Go for Last hrs. Prizes 🙂

#8 John Delavera: I’m sure you can bring more firepower John! Fallen 1 place down, you can easily make to the higher spots!! Best queue up another mailing and remind your fans the goodness of Webinar Marketing!

#9 Nick Mancuso: Slipped to #9 & now JayKay is gunning for your spot (neck to neck with you). Let’s push again to secure your spot Nick!

#10 JayKay Bak: Welcome to the Top 10 bud. Everyone watch out for JayKay as he may surprise all of us with the Full POWER!!

Few Top sellers just outside Top 10: Literally with just 1-5 sales you can break into the leaderboard)

★Brett Ingram
★Tiffany Lambert
★Sharon Lai & Jonathan Teng
★John Christos
★Pallab Ghosal
★Andy Brocklehurst
★Sean Lowery



It is seriously a CLOSE Race among the Stars and the leaderboard is shaking up every hour

#1 Sajan Elanthoor & Justin Opay: Partners! What a Start – Directly on the Top – Converting at highest 24% FE with solid EPCs of around $3…. Seems your subscribers are loving it! Thanks for the amazing support so far 🙂

#2 Aurelius Tjin: Well done Bud! Always in my top 3!!  But the gap is of just 1 sale between you and Duo, Go and get your #top spot back and it can also make you win first to 50 speed sales contest

#3 Ian Del Carmen: Thanks for the support Ian! The POWER is in Your List – I have tasted it earlier as well, so give a Bite of it to everyone by surprising all of us with the Jump to #1 😉

#4 Henry Gold: Thanks Henry, You managed to support inspite of your own launch going on! Your little more push can directly take you to Top 3 😉 Go for it…

#5 Bertus Engelbrecht: Your support is truly appreciated Bertus… But it’s not your place, you can easily move to the higher spots with just one more blast 🙂

#6 Paul Counts: It’s Always a pleasure to have you on my leaderboards Paul…seems your subscribers are loving it! Blast to your Entire List and you may beat everyone’s position 🙂

#7 John Delavera: John, Just 6 more sales to Jump in Top 5! Keep this Momentum High, Go for 1 more Round of Mailing & you will overtake everyone here, straight to Top 🙂

#8 Nick Mancuso: Good Push till now Nick! It’s really close between you, Brett and John, one strong email again and you will overtake all of them

#9 John Christos: Good work, nice conversions John…!! (It was just a small mail that did this. Bring out your weapons)

#10 Brett Ingram:
Brett, You may be on the last spot on Leaderboard but You are among the Top 10 and Your 1 Round of mailing to Your Entire List can take You on a higher Spot!

And on their heels, we have a ton of people who can get in top 10 with one more mailing:

★ Pallab Ghosal
★ JayKay Bak
★ Sean Lowery
★ Sharon Lai & Jonathan Teng
★ Patrick Glowacki
★ Kenny Chong
★ Tiffany Lambert

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