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Leader Board

Leader Board Announcement for Previous Monster PLR Launch

 “ Google AdSense Success Kit”

We have crossed over 750 sales again in just 5 days for the previous launch just because of your BIG support. It means a lot to me. It was awesome and it was not possible without your BIG Support. Hats off to you all. Top 10 Affiliates

It was seriously a CLOSE Race among the Stars till the last and here are the Final Winners.

#1 Minimum 100 FE Sales ($500): No one claimed.

#2 Minimum 50 FE Sales ($250): No one claimed.

#3 Sajan & Justin: (won $100) Thank you so much for promoting. I really appreciate your continuous effort and support.

#4 Aurelius Tjin: (won $50) Thanks for your valuable support.… Always good to have you on my leaderboard…!

#5 Daniel Taylor: (won $25) Thank you, Your Performance was Steady throughout the launch! Highly appreciable!

#6 Firelaunchers: (won $25) Really glad to have your support…appreciate your continuous effort and support.

#7 Charles and Laurel Harper: (won $25) Pushed hard for us…! Your performance throughout the launch is deeply admired.

#8 Yu Shaun & Cally Lee: (won $25) Thank you for your support guys …. Always good to have you on my leaderboards!

#9 Edmund Loh(won $25) Thanks for supporting. Your support is always appreciated.

#10 Nick Mancuso: (won $25) Glad to have your Support …thank you so much for jumping in!


And on their heels, we have a ton of people who can get in top 10 with one more mailing:    

★ OBMarketing
★ FJ Digital
★ Tis Limited
★ Bruno Mahieu
★ Robert H K
★ Bertus Engelbrecht
★ Richard Ozegbe
★ Yani Hidayat – P I X A L O G O
★ Tony Newton
★ Digital Media Group
★ Francis Ochoco
★ MDR Financial
★ David Vu
★ Brad
★ Alex Odita


(Thank You Very Much for Your BIG SUPPORT)


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