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LBME2-Leaderboard Updates

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                     Update: In 5 days, Sold 800 copies, BIG THANKS to all our Awesome JVs!


>>> Speed Contest Winners <<<

1. First to 50 Prize Winner ($50): Sajan Elanthoor & Justin Opay
2. First to 100 sales ($100):No one claimed
3. First to 200 sales ($200): No one claimed

*****LAST 72 Hrs CONTEST Winners*****               

#1 Sajan Elanthoor & Justin Opay: (24 FE Sales) Won$300    
#2 Henry Gold: (22 FE Sales) Won$100
#3 Edmund Loh: 
(16 sales) Won $50  
#4 Barbara Ling: 
(15 sales) Won $30 
#5 Peter Wolfing: 
(6 sales) Won $10 
#6 JayKay Bak: 
(5 sales) Won $10                           

***** The FINAL… LEADERBOARD *****

#1 Minimum 100 FE Sales ($500): No one claimed

#2 Sajan Elanthoor & Justin Opay (71 sales) (Won $250)Phenomenal performance Guys! You are The Undisputed Kings of this launch! Leading the contest from the very first day and throughout the end with killer EPCs and conversions… You won a total of $600 (First to 50 speed sales contest + #2 prize of Main Contest + #1 prize in last 72 hrs contest)…Congratulations!

#3 Henry Gold (45 sales) (Won $100)! Outstanding promotion Henry! Great effort from day one. Just missed out top spot on the final day, but your last hrs Push made you won extra $100 … You won a total of $200 ($100 in last 72 hrs Contest + $100 in  Main Contest)… Congrats!

#4 Edmund Loh (33 sales) (Won $50)
Well done Edmund! Solid promo with a Good number of sales. I really appreciate your continuous effort and support (won Total of $100) 🙂

#5 Peter wolfing (23 sales) (Won $25)! Awesome Support Peter! Your Performance was Steady and leading throughout the launch! Thank you for promoting! Your Last days push also made you won extra $10 🙂

#6 Sharon Lai & Jonathan Teng (15 sales) (Won $25)! Duo, It’s Always a pleasure to have you on my leaderboards. Thanks for the immense support on this one!

#7 Brian Jones (15 sales) (Won $25)! Insane Support Brian! You performed really well. Thanks for your amazing support 🙂

#8 Barbara Ling (15 sales) (Won $25)!
Hey Barb – Great to see you here! Thank you so much for promoting me. It’s really delightful to have you on my leaderboards & would love to see you here again J Your Last days push also made you won extra $30 🙂

#9 Aurelius Tjin (12 sales) (Won $25)! Hey Bud! Thank you for jumping in instead of your own launch going on! It’s really Nice to have you on my leaderboards 🙂

#10 Ian Del Carmen (12 sales) (Won $25)Buddy, Thank you for your valuable supportYour performance throughout the launch is deeply admired 🙂

Not in Top 10 but they also Dominates the Market like all Leaders…

♠ JayKay Bak
♠ Drew Laughlin
♠ Shyamal Mandal
♠ Jeff Wellman
♠ Francis Ochoco
♠ Bertus Engelbrecht
♠ John Delavera
♠ Internet Marketing Mozie
♠ Charles Terrence Harper


*****LAST 72 Hrs CONTEST Leaderboard Standings*****
                    [Contest Ending in 17 Hrs]

#1 Henry Gold: (20 sales) (could win $300)            
#2 Edmund Loh: (14 sales) (could win $300)
#3 Sajan Elanthoor & Justin Opay: (13 sales) (could win $300)          
#4 Barbara ling: (10 sales) (could win $100) 
#5 Peter wolfing: (5 sales) (could win $50)            
#6 JayKay Bak: (4 sales) (could win $50)                         

*******Main Leaderboard Standings (Total FE Sales) *******
                   [Contest Ending in 17 Hrs]

#1 Sajan Elanthoor & Justin Opay (58 sales): Outstanding support from Day 1! You already won $50 (First to 50 speed sales contest) & also leading the 2nd prize of $250 till now. Keeping hold of #3 in the last 72 hrs. Contest. But a final push can also make you win first prize of $300 in the last hrs. Contest (Just 7 sales behind Henry)!

#2 Henry Gold (43 sales):  Great going Henry! Highest conversions & EPCs till now, it’s a very close race between you and Duo, a single blast & no one can stop you ruling this leaderboard.

#3 Edmund Loh (30 sales): Nice Performance Buddy! You are not too far from henry (just a blast behind) And only need 6 more sales to win $300 first prize in last 72 hrs. Contest- Don’t Miss this Final call angle!

#4 Peter wolfing (22 sales): Still killer conversions and EPCs buddy!! Your one Last push can take you up to the higher spots again!

#5 Sharon Lai & Jonathan Teng (15 sales): Still standing strong Duo, hit it again! Now it’s time to go for last hour prizes!

#6 Ian Del Carmen (15 sales):  Still solid contender for #3, you aren’t far behind Peter & Edmund, You can easily catch them up!

#7 Brian Jones (14 sales): Brian, you’re very close to Ian and Sharon but a final call email could shake things up!

#8 Aurelius Tjin (12 sales): Last minute entry & you are on #8 in main contest  with one final push you can easily win last hrs prizes 🙂

#9 Drew Laughlin (10 sales): Still sustaining the same position Drew!! Let’s see if you can make it in top 5 club!! Also your final push can make you win Last Hrs. prizes!

#10 Barbara ling (10 sales):  Hey Barb, really cool to see you hang on in the Top 10! Onwards and upwards! Also you can win last hrs. Prizes. Keep pushing!!

Other JVs who are also very close to Top 10 (literally just 1-5 sales from breaking into the leaderboard):       

★ Shyamal Mandal
★ JayKay Bak
★ Francis ochoco
★ Jeff Wellman
★ Bertus Engelbrecht
★ John Delavera

Last 72 Hrs contest Details with 2nd Day LEADERBOARD

Last 72 Hrs contest has started at 00:00:01 EST (30th April)
and will be Ending on 23:59:59 EST (2nd May)
Here are the details:

Top 6 JVs with Most Sales during Last 72 Hrs will
Get the Total $500 Prizes
First will get $300 (min 25 FE Sales)
2nd will get $100 (min 15 FE Sales)
3rd: $50,
4th: $30,
5th & 6th: $10

There is NO MINIMUM Sales Requirement for 3rd to 6th prizes. So, Somebody WILL be getting it – Why don’t you?

So, Hurry Up!!!


*******Main Leaderboard Standings *******

It is seriously a CLOSE Race among the JVs at Top positions and the leaderboard is shaking up every hour

#1 Sajan Elanthoor & Justin Opay: Partners, You are still leading the race with Killer Conversions & EPCs! If you keep promoting this way, no one can stop you from ruling this leaderboard Also you Guys need only 2 Sales to win first to 50 speed sales 😉

#2 Henry Gold: What a Hit Henry!!  Directly jumped on #2 from #10…a little more can take you on #1 and will also make you win last 72 hrs contest started today !

#3 Peter wolfing: Well done Peter! Climbed 3 positions up, you overtook Drew, Ian & Duo. Henry is not too far (just 6 sales ahead)!

#4 Edmund Loh: Fallen 2 places down, And now It’s a Tie between you & Peter!! Only one strong email again and you will be in top 3 club as well as you get a chance to win last hrs prizes 🙂

#5 Sharon Lai & Jonathan Teng: Duo, Slipped two positions down, But I’m sure you can bring more firepower & can easily make to the higher spots again 🙂

#6 Ian Del Carmen: Dropped by 2 spots Ian! Peter & henry overtook you by their email blasted yesterday…but with one more round of mailing you can easily reclaim your spot and win last hrs prizes……Go for it!

#7 Brian Jones: Good push Brian (Climbed 2 positions up) Solid promo!! Only one strong email again and you will be on the Top 🙂

#8 Aurelius Tjin: Welcome on leaderboard Bud! With only a bit of traffic you are in top 10. Go for top 5!            

#9 Drew Laughlin:
  Slipped one position down, Very close to Aurelius. You can easily catch him up 🙂

#10 Shyamal Mandal: Slipped to the last spot on Leaderboard… but you are among the Top 10 and Your 1 more Round of mailing to Your Entire List can easily take you on a higher Spot!

And on their heels, we have a ton of people who can get in top 10 with one more mailing:

★ JayKay Bak
★ Jeff Wellman
★ Francis ochoco
★ Bertus Engelbrecht
★ John Delavera
★ Charles Terrence harper
★ Paul Counts
★ Oliver Bowen



It is seriously a CLOSE Race among the Stars and the leaderboard is shaking up every hour

#1 Sajan Elanthoor & Justin Opay: Meet the Conversion kings- Converting at highest 18% FE with solid EPCs of around $2…. Seems your subscribers are loving it! 🙂

#2 Edmund Loh: Hats Off to You Bud, Keep Promoting! (You are not too far from #1 – Just a blast behind!)

#3 Sharon Lai & Jonathan Teng: Your support is deeply appreciated Duo. You are Converting great with Solid EPCs! But let’s see if you can maintain this spot as “Filipino Beast – Ian Del” is just few sales behind 😉

#4 Ian Del Carmen: Thanks Bro for your continuous support! (It was just a small mail that did this. Bring out your weapons)

#5 Drew Laughlin: Good work, nice Start Drew…!! (Aim for the Top Spot and you may easily reach in Top 3)

#6 Peter Wolfing:
Peter, This LeaderBoard Welcomes You deep Heartedly (More Round of mailing for top 3)

#7 Shyamal Mandal: Good Going Shyamal! Your Spot in top 5 is waiting for you (need just 2 more sales) Go for it…

#8 Jeff Wellman: Hey Jeff, Inspite of being hospitalized…you managed to mail…Highly appreciate your support on this one 🙂

#9 Brian Jones: Brian, Just 5 more sales to Jump in Top 5! Keep this Momentum High, Go for 1 more Round of Mailing & you will overtake everyone here, straight to Top 🙂

#10 Henry Gold:
Thanks for jumping in Henry! It’s really close between you, Brian & Jeff, one small mail and you will easily overtake all of them.

And on their heels, we have a ton of people who can get in top 10 with one more mailing:

★ Bertus Engelbrecht
★ Francis ochoco
★ JayKay Bak
★ John Delavera
★ Charles Terrence harper
★ Ian Del Carmen
★ Rooney M.



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