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Evergreen Lead Business Video Upgrade
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Are you interested in generating hot leads and supercharge your business on autopilot? Now that becomes very easy with Evergreen Lead Business Video Upgrade.

These video tutorials are recorded in MP4 format, and by the time you've finished digesting these videos, you would already learn all the golden nuggets to generate hot paying leads and grow your business.

Grab this ultimate bonus package and combine with Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit to drive more & more traffic and profit.


Social Media Income – Instagram
[Valued At $120]

If your business is not on social media yet, then you're leaving a lot of money on the table. Nowadays, social media platforms are one of the best portals to attract traffic and generate leads. And if you are looking for specific people usually love posting pictures or photos on their daily routine, Instagram is one of the best portals that you must engage with.

And if you are unaware of the power of Instagram ads, this comprehensive guide will help you build your brand, grow your business, get more leads and get more sales.

When combined with Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit, it becomes a win-win situation for business owners.


The Internet Marketer's Handbook Video Upgrade
[Valued At $105]

With more than 40,000 Google searches happening every second, you need to find a way to gain the attention of these potential customers.

This video course will help you by letting you know about 79 actions that you need to take today that will lead you to realize huge results in your Internet business.

This bonus pack when combined with Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit, it becomes a sure-shot business booster.


Social Media Boom Software
[Valued At $118]

WordPress is well known for being SEO friendly and if you want to ensure that your WordPress blog is friendly for search engines or not, this software is for you. It will help you take the social features of some of the highest shared websites like Buzzfeed or UpWorthy and add them to your blog posts to turn your WordPress blog into a social powerhouse. This bonus pack when combined with Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit, it becomes a sure-shot business booster.


YouTube Traffic Weapon
[Valued At $116]

YouTube is the leading video-sharing site in the world. On average, YouTube has 1 billion mobile views a day and an astounding 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute on the platform. Therefore, you must use YouTube as a marketing strategy for traffic generation in your business. This amazing guide will help you discover how to use YouTube to create traffic sucking videos that convert on autopilot. This bonus is a success-booster and when combined with Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit will yield great results for marketers of all shapes and sizes.

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YouTube Ads Excellence
[Valued At $116]

Being an online marketer or business owner, you must agree to the fact that traffic is the key to success. without traffic, your online sales are dead in the water. But not all traffic is the same. You MUST have traffic that converts if you want to make money online. This step-by-step guide makes it easy to get targeted traffic that converts for pennies per click with YouTube advertising.So, don’t waste time and use this package to get the best results without spending a fortune. This bonus, when combined with Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit, will become a WIN-WIN situation for marketers.


Facebook Marketing Frenzy
[Valued At $134]

Facebook is the largest social networking website in the world and has over 500 million users. Social networking has also exceeded email as the number one online activity.

With this bonus guide, you will learn the secrets to market to a 500 million strong, highly targeted traffic source and rake in tons of cold hard profits easily.

When combined with Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit, it will become a WIN-WIN situation for marketers.


How To Build Your Brand With Instagram Images
[Valued At $130]

Instagram gives entrepreneurs the power to grow and promote their brands more effectively than ever before. According to data from SelfStartR, Instagram has become the top platform for brands to engage with followers that are willing to buy.

With this software, build your brand with Instagram images and turn your followers into paying customers.

When you combine this package with Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit, it doubles your brand’s visibility and you can easily add higher benefits to your business.


Facebook Retargeting Secrets
[Valued At $111]

Facebook retargeting is the most powerful marketing tool to reach a primed and ready consumer base and to make sales as a result. Retargeting allows you to advertise more than once to the same people that have previously engaged with your brand.

This tool can actually help you to build your authority, familiarity, brand awareness, and so much more.

This bonus increases the value of Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit and can be used to sell as an individual product as per your choice.


Instagram Stories Deluxe
[Valued At $130]

It may not come as a surprise to you that a majority of people learn better and retain information much faster from watching a video than by reading the text version of something.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to use Instagram to create a highly successful fitness brand.

When combined with Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit, it will become a WIN-WIN situation for marketers.

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Instagram for Entrepreneurs Newsletters
[Valued At $110]

Instagram is an extremely popular social network that provides a fun way for its users to take and share photos with friends and followers online. So, you must use Instagram as a part of your marketing strategy.

With this guide, you can easily learn ways to make money online with Instagram for entrepreneurs’ newsletters.

This additional booster will enhance the value Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit, and you will be able to take your benefits to the next level.


Content Marketing Blueprints
[Valued At $113]

To attract new customers while retaining your current customers, you have to have a solid marketing strategy in place. Creating a healthy content marketing strategy is not only good for your business but your customers too.

This blueprint will help you to discover the secrets for driving more traffic to your website and increasing conversion rates to build a highly successful business.

Now stop thinking and grab this ultimate bonus package and combine with Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit to drive more & more profit.


Big Traffic Firesale
[Valued At $100]

If you're sick and tired of trying methods that don't work, if you're struggling to get visitors to let alone targeted customers buy your product or service, this is going to be the last course on Traffic you'll ever need.

This course will show you how to use multiple social network and other websites to link the desired site that needs traffic.

What are you waiting for? Grab this ultimate package & combine it with Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit and let your profits galore.


Instagram Monetization Checklist
[Valued At $109]

Instagram has over 1 billion users and 500 million daily active users. It’s now becoming a giant among social media channels and continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. if you are going to knock your Instagram marketing right out of the park and really turn it into a powerful channel for marketing you have to know exactly what you’re doing.

With this bonus package, you will discover the ways to monetize your Instagram account and turn it into a sales machine.

This bonus enhances the value of Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit and can be used to sell as an individual product as per your convenience.


Set Up a Coaching Program
[Valued At $114]

Developing your own coaching program or system is an excellent way to attract more clients, increase your credibility and enable clients to get better results. One of the effective strategies is list building. Every aspiring marketer knows s/he needs to build a list because that's where the money is.

This software will help you set up a coaching programme and build your own $100,000 business from scratch.

This bonus enhances the value of Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit and makes your Instagram marketing journey a cakewalk.

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Rapid Instagram Profits
[Valued At $103]

Instagram continues to grow by millions of members every single month. If you want to tap into this amazing source of traffic, you need to do it systematically and methodically.

If you want to be successful on Instagram, this bonus course will help you learn all about Instagram and the process to gain profit from it.

This Package, when combined with Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit, will get the best results for your purchase.


Spinner Pro Software Suite
[Valued At $124]

There’s really no question that creating and distributing articles will help you generate a ton of backlinks, improve your search engine rankings, generate more traffic and make money online

This revolutionary software suite instantly creates unique articles for better search engine rankings, more site visitors, and more money.

Use this information along with the helpful information given in Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit and pack a lasting punch on your competitors.


Hijacking 24 Hour Creation
[Valued At $114]

Making a product really ‘kill’ your time, cost & energy. Creating a product needs a huge cost and lots of time plus even thousands of dollars to outsource and months to complete by yourself.

This bonus package will expose simple techniques you can use to make a high-quality product under 24 hours without outsourcing any copywriters, any programmer or any designers.

Grab this guide with Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit and take your business to the next level.


100 Info-Product Creation Ideas
[Valued At $94]

Info-product is one of the best-selling media on the internet. But with the competition nowadays, creating the best information product should be a priority for an online entrepreneur.

The good news is that this eBook will give you 100 info product creation ideas. There are ideas included for information products to sell for profits, to use as a bonus for a buying incentive and to give away for free, viral traffic. Plus, you'll get all kinds of profitable niche and content ideas.

This package would enhance the value of Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit and can be used to sell as an individual product as per your choice.


Modern Twitter Marketing
[Valued At $123]

If you're looking for an automated way to build a brand online, Twitter is a great place to start. A lot of marketers and marketing companies have long considered Twitter as a great place for brand formation.

With this eBook, you will understand the benefits of manual Twitter marketing and you are going to learn exactly how twitter compared to other social media platforms, is easier to master.

This bonus is a boon and when combined with Instagram Ads 2019-20 Success Kit, it’s going to yield great results for every marketer.

All these awesome bonuses come with MRR or RR, so you can sell them further as stand-alone products, and enhance your business earnings in a smooth manner.

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